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We were asked to build a new Broom Marine Services website in 2014 with the main aim of increasing the profile of this department and its resources. Offering everything from moorings and marine electronics, through to fiberglass mouldings, wooden boat restoration, repairs and manufacture, the challenge is showcasing each service and still making them easy to navigate.


  • Client: Broom Boats



broom-website-design-imagebroom-website-design-imagebroom-website-design-MOBILEbroom-website-design-WEB Quote Icon As part of the Broom Marine Group, Marine Services was sometimes in the shadow of it’s sister company Broom Boats, but with the addition of a striking magenta to it’s brand it gained its own identity, while remaining loyal to Broom. The website continues to grow month on month, with visitor traffic increasing by 700% from 2014 to 2015 Ian – Nu Image Creative Director


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