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4th December 2019

The team at our studio always have grand ideas about Christmas campaigns, as we love the festive season, but as we are busy, we often end up with too little time to get them off the ground! 

This year we are stripping it back to what really matters, kindness. 

Creating random acts of kindness

We are doing our own part here with each of the team setting out to do a random act of kindness. Some of our tasks involve writing Christmas cards for elderly people that spend Christmas alone, donating scarfs to the homeless people of Norwich, making the studio a drop of point for Leeway during their own Christmas campaign and offering local businesses some of our expertise free of charge. We are also doing some surprise gift drop offs so keep your eyes peeled!

How can you get involved?

It’s simple! Kindness needn’t cost a thing. 

To get involved you just need to spread a little kindness of your own…we have even supplied a few random act of kindness ideas to get you started;

  • Waiting a little longer to hold a door open for someone
  • Donating some time to a worthwhile cause
  • Offering up one of your services or products free of charge
  • Take a friend or neighbours dog for a walk
  • Buy the person in front of you in the queue a coffee
  • Help someone with a pushchair on stairs 
  • Deliver a surprise hamper to a loved one or stranger
  • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen

We just ask that to help to spread to revolution you leave one of the #sendkindnessviral cards behind. 

If the kindness overcomes you, you can print as many as you need here!

If you carry out or receive a random act of kindness, be sure to use #sendkindnessviral – we will share as many of your posts as possible on our stories on both @nuimagestudio and @norfolkbloggers.

Go on, let’s send kindness viral this Christmas.

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