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The Feed: Our Charity of the Year

23rd April 2024

Did you know that Norfolk has the highest malnutrition rate in England?

Read that again.

1 in 15 people in this county cannot afford to buy enough of the right food to live a healthy life.

It’s a shocking fact, isn’t it? Statistics from Future Health’s ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ report show that individuals and families here are struggling. We’re facing a crisis, with people going hungry because of poverty and the knock-on effects of the cost-of-living crisis.

So, what can be done to fix this? That’s where The Feed comes in.

This incredible organisation is part charity, part business, and it’s their mission to empower communities in Norwich through food. They want to empower people by ensuring they have support to help them eat well, live well, and connect with others.

Let’s talk about what the brilliant team at The Feed does and how we plan to help them.

Social Supermarket

The Feed’s Social Supermarket is a store that offers affordable groceries to those who struggle to pay for food. Fruit, vegetables, bread, toiletries, and period products are free, as The Feed believes that these items are essential for everyone to access. We couldn’t agree more.

To shop at the Social Supermarket, you need to be a member. There are no fees, tests, or investigations; they simply ask for honesty, and anyone who approaches will be welcomed with open arms. The food sold at the Social Supermarket is sold at around 60% of typical shop prices, making groceries, and a full belly, far more accessible.

A lot of the money we raise this year will go towards keeping the Social Supermarket running.

Community cafe

Next door to the Social Supermarket on Hall Road is the community cafe. This is a great space for Social Supermarket members to meet, enjoy an affordable hot meal, and connect with others. Many drop-in sessions are held at the cafe for members to learn new skills and ask for legal, benefits, and health advice. There are also plenty of opportunities for socialising, including at the Wellness Wednesdays, First Steps, and Cook, Eat, Grow sessions. 

When you can’t afford food and drink, you’re less likely to leave the house, so The Feed doesn’t require you to buy anything at the cafe to spend time there. It’s also always heated, giving members a place to warm up away from cold weather or homes.


The Feed runs a successful catering service to make up the business side of the organisation. Delicious dishes, snacks, and grazing boxes are created by their in-house chefs and delivered to events to be enjoyed. The Feed team recently moved their catering base from Prince of Wales Road to the Norfolk Showground, allowing them to upsize and make even more food.

This food they whip up is incredible, so if you’re looking for catering, we highly recommend considering The Feed.

Help us support The Feed

With the amazing work The Feed does for Norwich communities, they deserve to be supported. This year, we’re pledging to raise as much money as we can for this organisation. We want to support them in continuing to provide for vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Norwich, and we’d love it if you could help us.

Throughout the year, we’ll be fundraising for The Feed through organised events by both ourselves and The Feed, and we would really appreciate any donations. Every pound will help the teams at The Feed continue their essential operations, solidifying this city as a brilliant and caring place to live for everyone.

If you’d like to donate now, please visit our Just Giving page for The Feed.

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