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Rockthorn is In It To Win It

8th March 2024

Incredible news! Our client, Rockthorn, is a finalist in the Hire Awards of Excellence 2024. This is a big deal in their industry, and we couldn’t be more excited for them. But what award are they up for? We’ll tell you, and we’ll also reveal why we’re feeling quite proud of ourselves for this achievement, too.

Rockthorn has secured a finalist spot for the ‘Best Use of New Media’ award. This award will recognise a company that uses the most imaginative and productive use of social media as a tool, emphasising relevance, innovation, and user experience. To be nominated for an award like this is a great success and evidence that Rockthorn’s social media is making waves.

So, why are we proud? Because we created the campaigns that Rockthorn has been nominated for. In collaboration with Rockthorn, we built the Women Rock Construction and Spot The Signs campaigns, both touching on incredibly important issues within the construction industry. 

Let’s do a quick campaign refresher:

Women Rock Construction

The Women Rock Construction campaign was a social media campaign about raising awareness for women in the construction industry. Our aim was to encourage future generations of women to enter the construction field and feel supported to do so, to discuss existing discrimination, and to demand the industry reevaluate its practices. 

Working alongside Rockthorn and other businesses in the industry, we created several graphics and videos interviewing women in construction about their thoughts and experiences. This content formed the posts for Rockthorn’s Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. From inception to engagement, we handled every detail to create an interesting and enlightening campaign.  

Read our case study to learn more about this campaign.

Spot The Signs

Created to spotlight the issue of mental health within the construction industry, this campaign was built to encourage workers on-site and behind the scenes to look out for signs of poor mental health in their coworkers. The aim was to enable (and to continue to enable) workers to break down the stigma and speak up, open dialogues with their team and give them the space and safety to talk about how they’re feeling.

This social media campaign featured a series of video interviews with members of the construction world, each with insights into the problem of mental health in construction. We also worked on a physical sign for construction sites as an on-site reminder to take care of yourself and each other. We found this project incredibly rewarding to work on, and are proud that Rockthorn came to us with this special message that needed to be talked about.

To learn more about the Spot The Signs campaign, read our case study.

Good luck, Rockthorn

We could not have created these impactful campaigns without the incredible Rockthorn team and their insight, support, and enthusiasm. Designing and building these social media campaigns in collaboration with Rockthorn and the amazing people who took part in the interviews was an excellent experience we won’t forget.

The Hire Awards of Excellence 2024 ceremony takes place on the 13th of April, and we hope you’ll all join us in wishing Rockthorn all the luck in the world. No matter the results, they’ll always be winners in our eyes. Swoon. 

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