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How we helped a local business reduce PPC spend and boost sales with SEO

11th January 2019

As another new year rolls in, we’ve taken a quick moment to step back and take stock of our progress. Evaluating reports and feedback, we’ve been keen to celebrate as well as strategise when it comes to our clients.

One project that we’re particularly pleased with is the SEO and PPC work we’ve carried out for Toilets +.

A leading provider of portable toilets for hire on construction sites and temporary locations across the South East of England, Toilets + have been trading for over 25 years and have over 7000 toilets in stock.

Inheriting their website from another leading digital marketing company, we worked to improve their traffic and enquiry levels in all areas by focusing on the biggest volume industry searches, and optimising conversion routes based on this data.

This involved a collaborative solution, with our developers improving the performance and usability of the website whilst our SEO team did the equally important work of making sure it appeared towards the top of the search engines.

Demonstrating the effectiveness of their work, the below comparison reveals how key searches have improved across the board when measuring September 2018 to the previous year.

Keyword performance

Whilst Toilets + enjoyed a reasonable web presence in the areas surrounding their base in Norfolk, they were heavily reliant on PPC to cover their full coverage area across the South East of England.

Our target was to bring more long-term contracts over the full catchment area, increasing organic reach and conversions as a consequence.

Evidence of this progress can be seen in the improved performance of the keywords across London, Southampton, and Northampton- the locations where Toilets + have depots.

The results of digital marketing for a local website

On this project we anticipated the best, game changing results in organic search would occur around the 12 to 18-month period.

We based this on the knowledge that search rankings for the big volume keywords typically move up through the top 5 positions when SEO work is being performed.

This expectation proved correct, with traffic gaining considerably by September- we took the account on in the previous November.

The following data demonstrates the valuable increase in site visits which took place after ongoing SEO work was carried out.

An improving graph showing improved site traffic

Naturally, as the performance of each depot grew, their dependence on PPC reduced. This meant that the clients monthly spend came down whilst their sales continued to grow.

Keen to keep all bases covered, we took on the management of the PPC campaigns and began to optimise and refine their ads. This meant that every angle was handled efficiently and worked to secure greater conversions.

In a telling sign of the project’s success, the company had to expand their collection of portable toilets in order to keep up with the growing demand that was being generated by SEO.

Taking a look at the analytics data, we noticed that the margins were certainly something to write home about- or, more properly- write a blog about.
organic search and pay per click traffic

With conversion data illustrating that sales were increasing in line with the traffic, we were obviously very happy to see this project come together.

Given the wide range of target locations, and the high competition levels we feel that we have achieved great results on a very competitive budget.

Delivering over target, we’re excited to see what is next.

If your business is looking to improve their SEO, PPC, or general web presence, be sure to get in touch with us at our Norwich design agency.

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