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Website Creation for Saxophonist Supreme

Nothing beats good sax.

There is no instrument like the saxophone. With its bold yet seductive sound, this beautiful piece of brass is a win for weddings and functions, perfect for providing smooth background music or getting everyone onto the dance floor.

Alex, an expert saxophonist struggling with his enquiries (and our social media exec extraordinaire here at Nu Image), turned to us for a whole new website. He could see the work we do for our other clients and wanted a piece of that action!

It was time to sound the horns. Our team got started designing and building a site that would allow Alex to keep the good tunes coming.

Avg. session engagement time 234%
Conversations 780%
Direct traffic 286%

The goal

So, what did Alex need?

His priority was ensuring his clients had a clean user experience when placing an enquiry and that Alex got all the information he needed off the bat. His old website left him chasing after potential clients, asking about locations and dates and set lists back and forth, which often took a while and made juggling both his jobs tricky.

Beyond increased functionality, Alex was looking for something to solidify his brand. He hoped a new website would create some authority and trust, helping grow his reputation and upping the chance of returning customers.

What we did

To start, designer Stephen chose some brand colours for Alex, which are used throughout the site and Alex can use in his social media graphics. He chose a deep blue, the same colour as the waistcoat Alex always wears to perform, and a punchy gold for the highlights and calls to action, influenced by the gold of a saxophone. Ensuring the call to action draws the eye is crucial to any site design, as this points visitors towards the conversion, which in this instance was the new enquiry form to make Alex’s life easier.

Video was extensively used throughout to give the site the same level of energy that Alex gives to his events and clients. The experience of having Alex perform needed to be mirrored in the design choices, so choosing video allows for movement. Photos simply don’t do Alex and his work justice.

One of our star developers, Rebecca, handled this build. She started the process by discussing the design with Stephen to get a better feel for the site. Rebecca then blocked and mapped it, customised the basic site skeleton, and began to build.

To improve the user experience, Rebecca created a contact form that asks for specific information from the client so that Alex can have all the information he needs from the get go. This reduces the amount of back-and-forth and saves Alex a lot of time working out what all his clients need.

For instant character, Rebecca added a video banner to the top of the homepage to welcome visitors and introduce them to Alex. This video immediately catches attention, creating a hook that potential clients are drawn to. We wanted to show them what Alex can do before they’ve even navigated through the site for more information.

The resources page was added so that Alex has space to upload blog posts, updates and the all-important portfolio pieces about his past events. This provides potential clients with evidence of Alex’s amazing work, helping solidify their decision to enquire.

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