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Sainsbury Centre

Art for all; supporting a new experience

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What do you think of when you think of museums?

Quiet? Strict? Maybe even a little, dare we say it, boring?

It’s okay to think those things; the museum industry does have a bit of a reputation for stuffiness. But the Sainsbury Centre, based in lovely Norwich, is different, and we were asked to help them show that to the world. We were contacted in April ’23 with the exciting news that the Sainsbury Center was doing a bit of a relaunch, and they wanted our support to get the word out.

The goal

Shortly before its relaunch, the Sainsbury Centre introduced a new ‘pay what you can’ entry fee in an effort to make their museum more accessible to all, but they didn’t want to stop there. They wanted to step away from the stereotypical museum rules and take on a whole new vibe, one where art is a living entity, where art is there to be loved, to be explored, to be remembered.

They were looking to engage audiences, existing and new, and boy were we into that.

A hammock that allows you to recline and swing while staring at a painting. A box titled ‘Glass Case’ for you to step inside of, transforming yourself from the observer into the observed. A statue by Henry Moore that can be touched, hugged and held. The Sainsbury Centre was ready to make its art even more engaging through its relaunch and looked to us for support.

The key campaign messages were to showcase that art is living, that art is alive, and that art should be accessible. They wanted to show that art can be experienced by everyone and manifests in all cultures. They hoped to encourage audiences to have their own perspective on art, no matter who they are or their background.

What we did

So, how could we help them? Well, with strategies to help increase their museum footfall, build international brand awareness, advertise their new interventions, and highlight how the Sainsbury Centre is breaking barriers and finding ways to make viewing art more accessible, of course!

Our social media expert Alex got straight to work building them a plan, with campaigns to put on their Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. Alex’s posts and email newsletters were aimed at inspiring people to connect with the art at the Sainsbury Centre and to get them excited to experience the museum.

The Sainsbury Centre had already commissioned a new video titled ‘Dear Art’, showcasing their interactive pieces with a bright and vibrant new edge to their branding, which gave Alex and designer Stephen all the inspiration they needed to get creating. In line with the new brand, they produced work that blended in perfectly, while catching the museum audience’s attention to draw them in.

Some great work from the team that only gets more impressive when you learn that they had roughly six weeks to create it all for the museum’s relaunch in mid-May. That’s some damn speedy creating! But absolutely and wholeheartedly worth it for this excellent place of culture and learning.

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