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Could a website restructure increase your rankings?

19th August 2020

Has your website changed its ranked position recently? We would be very surprised if you haven’t noticed some fluctuation, be it positively or negatively. 

Of course, the guys and gals over at Google HQ are continually developing algorithms that affect the way that websites are ranked.  

We have noticed some big changes over the past 12 months to indicate that there have been some algorithm developments which has progressively changed the way link juice is transferred within a site. 

Hold up! *cups hand to ear… “what is link juice” we hear you cry. 

As you will already know if you have read our blog concerning SEO Jargon, link juice is a term used to refer to the amount of value that is passed, via a hyperlink, between your website or web page and the one which you link to, or vice versa of course.   

What do Google’s Algorithm changes mean? 

Google’s more recent developments mean that websites are being viewed more as a collective entity, as opposed to lots of individual pages. Historically a second-tier page or third-tier page would only carry a small amount of authority, however, they now benefit from considerably more thanks to the strength of the website overall. 

Why does that change anything?

Due to the changes, a well-populated and informative blog can carry much more weight.

Aside from the fact blog pages now have the potential to hold more value in the eyes of Google, writing an article which gives an informed opinion or advice for your industry will potentially gather you links from other sites, and in turn will help your landing pages to rank, noticeably far more than it would have done historically.

Alongside the link juice changes, Google is continually more intuitive when it comes to processing the quality of content. It has long since been known if you are repeating search terms over and over in an attempt to top their rankings for a particular keyword, it will be frowned upon and will likely negatively impact your rankings.  Now, however, it processes content in a much more sophisticated way. 

By showing a thorough understanding of your sector, with deep, informative content, it knows to recommend you to a user searching for your services, which means… it bumps you up the search results so that you are found more easily. 

Happy days. 

So what can I do to improve my rankings?  

Consider giving your website a once-over by first stripping out any keywords or content that is not relevant to your business and its services.  Anything that has been crammed in for the sake of search needs to be taken out. Your content needs to stay informative and be of use to those on your site. Take the time to evaluate your users’ journey around the site to ensure that it is easy to navigate and that your call to actions are clear. 

As an example, we have been working alongside Viking Optical Centres to restructure their existing site, creating product pages to showcase each of their specialist ranges. As suggested above, we have also removed unnecessary pages from the navigation and fully audited the customer journey.

Once you have taken the time to do the same, leaving everything clean and tidy it’s time to incorporate a blog, to give you a platform to reach your customers with company news, informative articles and industry updates. 

To see an example of such a blog, you needn’t go far. We of course have our own (which you find yourself on now!), alternatively, we have developed website blogs for many clients over the years, allowing them to shout about their products or events with ease. One such client is Anglia House Clearance, a house clearance company based locally, in Norfolk. We have recently given their original single-page site a facelift to incorporate a shiny new blog.

We are also in the process of including a Whatsapp business link as a call to action, which will assist with conversions once users arrive on the site.  

Adding a blog was a simple change which we are confident will bring big rewards to their rankings, as it adheres to Google’s current recommendations and supports the data our digital team have discovered during their ongoing SEO analysis. 

If your own website could do with a refresh, or indeed a restructure call our friendly team today on 01603 859007 or email

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