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6 easy ways to improve your brand perception

6th February 2017

Are you struggling to attract new customers?

As a digital agency in Norwich, of course we are here to help – but there are some simple steps you can take yourself to improve your overall image.

Whatever the size of your business or service you offer there are changes you can implement to improve the way your customers view your brand, and connect with your company.

Whether you decide to use a professional marketing agency to provide your online and offline marketing, or would prefer to go it alone, there are a few things to consider;

1.Have you taken a long hard look at yourself recently?

Or more accurately have you taken a look at the image your business is giving out, from an outsider’s point of view? As a business owner or manager, it can be tough to critique a business that you love, but it is easy to look past a tired brand, if you have worked alongside it for sometime.

Ask someone that ideally does not know your business already to give you some constructive feedback on the style of your shop front, website or vehicle signage. Try not to take it to heart if it’s not what you want to hear. Instead remember, first impressions are everything and to gain new customers you want the very best “you” on display. If your branding needs a slight refresh or complete overhaul now is the time to go for it.

2.Create consistency across your brand

Companies often update one part of their professional image, and neglect others. For example, businesses invest in a new website and shop signage, without matching printed vehicle livery or business cards.

With budget constraints and a lack of available time, it is understandable that you may not be able to afford to change every element of your published branding in one go, but try to at least use the same colours and fonts in your marketing moving forward. Remember it can be confusing to clients if you are not using one recognisable brand identity, and it can cause your company to appear smaller and/or less professional than it is.

3.Are you connecting with your target market?

Go back to basics from time to time and decide who you are aiming your products or services at.
It is not unusual, as your business develops for your target market to change.

Make sure your marketing matches your demographic, there is little point investing in press advertising in a publication aimed at 40-50 year old male readers, if your target market is actually young mothers aged 20-39, whose interest would be more easily captured by the use of viral video marketing.

4.Keep on top of your social media feeds

Keep your social media feeds, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram up to date with relevant and personable news and links to your website. It doesn’t have to be an inspired post every time, just connect with your audience and ensure that they are not neglected. Should a new customer find you via these avenues, a social media page that has no interaction will cause your company to look closed or unloved. On top of that, the more you are talked about and the more of your posts that are shared – the more social buzz surrounds your brand. That’s a big thumbs up.

5.Review your services

If you are doing a great job for your customers, shout it from the rooftops, or rather ask them to! Ask your customers to vouch for you by leaving reviews. Particularly important when local competition is high for your sector. Ratings can be given via several mediums, such as TripAdvisor, Google and Trust Pilot. Don’t try bulking these out with fake reviews though, the credibility only comes from verified customers.

6.Don’t be tempted to pay through the nose for faceless account handlers

There are many people out there that will try and sell you the world when it comes to online marketing, and deliver very little. If you decide to invest in your marketing, take the time to choose a design or digital agency you can trust.

Our impartial advice (although we would love it to simply be “pick us!”) is to find an expert in the style of marketing you are searching for, who can advise you on the way forward and allow you to get the best from your business, in a way that suits you. Every business is different and a good agency (us included!) knows that a generic approach rarely works.

Why choose Nu Image to help with your business marketing strategy?

As a digital agency in Norwich, we pride ourselves on a personable approach and an ability to produce both off and online marketing in a flash. We would love to help you get the best from your business in 2017.

Working as a fully outsourced marketing team, or as support alongside your existing marketing department, we are happy to guide you through as much or as little as you need. We deal with everything you need all under one roof, from a full online marketing strategy, including pay per click advertising and SEO, to offline promotional materials such as printed brochures, business cards and sign writing for shops and vehicles.

Our dedicated (and rather friendly) team are at the end of the phone should you need us or if you prefer to talk things over in person, we’ll put the kettle on.

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