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Showing support for the Norfolk Wildlife Trust

16th September 2022

Recently, we had the absolute privilege of partnering with the oldest Wildlife trust in the country… The Norfolk Wildlife Trust! This team has been busy conserving vital parts of the environment for over a very impressive 90 years. With a clear vision to connect and inspire people through Norfolk’s wonderful wildlife and wild spaces, the Norfolk Wildlife Trust cares for over 50 nature reserves and other protected sites across the county.

Norfolk, home of our busy studio, is situated eco-geographically on migration routes and has enough of the right habitats to attract a variety of rare and common migrant birds. We also learnt that it is also home to more rare and endangered species of plants, animals and fungi than virtually any other county in England! Thankfully, it’s in very good hands.

How did we first get involved? 

We owe our partnership with the NWT to one of our digital marketing clients, PSH Environmental, who in February launched their very exciting ‘Clean Up to Green Up’ scheme in collaboration with them. 

‘Clean Up to Green Up’ works to improve woodland biodiversity in Norfolk by bringing the woodlands back to life in a field adjacent to Foxley wood. 

We had the absolute pleasure of helping design a page dedicated to this for their website and a logo for the campaign. This was to help it stand out from the main brand and create its own identity with a unique, friendly and approachable feel. 

Our designer Stephen got to work, cleverly adapting to the style of their website. For the logo he made sure not to go too abstract and instead got straight to the point of the campaign. Hence going for a simple skip icon which encases a simple, but effective wildlife scene.

Over the next three years, PHS Environmental will be supporting NWT by donating £1 from every skip that is hired and so far, they’ve already raised over an impressive £4,500! This rises by the day, so be sure to check out the growing total if you get the chance! 

Why we are proud members!

For Nu Image, partnering with a local charity that is so incredibly passionate about conserving our very special county was a no brainer. We understand how important and precious our environment is and that nature’s wildlife is something that we need to work together to protect. We’d like to give a HUGE thanks to the NWT for all that they do and for welcoming us into their family. We’re super excited to be part of a like-minded community with the health of Norfolk’s stunning landscapes and creatures at heart. 

And of course, we couldn’t resist getting photos to celebrate the occasion…

How you can get involved too

As a local charity committed to saving Norfolk’s wildlife, the NWT rely on support from like minded individuals and businesses to ensure Norfolk’s habitats are protected today and for future generations to enjoy.

We will be on a constant lookout for ways in which we can help the NWT with their endeavours to conserve all things nature throughout our membership to help them sustain their incredible work. But here are a few ways you can also help out:

  1. Volunteer! There are many things you can help with while volunteering your time at the NWT, such as volunteering for an education event, at the visitor centre or even as a livestock checker… there really is something for everyone to get stuck into so why not give it a go?
  2. Donate what you can. Another simple way to get involved with helping to preserve our local wildlife is to donate online. There are many projects your money could go towards, giving you the option to choose where your money is going. You don’t have to donate a lot, whatever you can give gets the NWT that step closer to saving more of our land.

Of course there are other ways to help out, which can all be viewed via their website, all giving back to the place that we call home. We’re proud to be involved in a project as exciting as PSH Environmental’s ‘Clean Up To Green Up’ scheme and we look forward to seeing what the future brings with the NWT.

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