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Tap & Donate at Dipple and Conway!

15th July 2022

Over the past couple of months we have been playing the role of client cupid. And it’s got to be said, we’d give that mythical chubby cherub a run for his money! 

When our chosen charity of the year, The Benjamin Foundation, reached out to us in 2020 following a decline in fundraising due to their events being put on hold, we jumped at the challenge to help them. And, despite coming out the other side, we’re delighted to continue this momentum of innovative thinking. One of our team’s most recent suggestions was a trial donation stand, inspired by a similar concept they saw on holiday (we’re never truly off duty!). Once the idea was run and signed off by The Benjamin Foundation, we knew exactly who to match them with! The wonderfully open minded and generous local opticians Dipple & Conway, who have been clients of ours since 2019, have agreed to participate in a new ‘Tap and Donate’ initiative. The first of its kind to be rolled out by The Benjamin Foundation. A match made in heaven! 

What is Tap and Donate?

A ‘Tap and Donate’ point is actually a device made by a company called Goodbox. The equipment itself is a slick and modern piece of kit that allows customers to use a contactless payment method to make an ad hoc donation. Each tap defaults to £3.00, but you can also choose to give more or less if you desire. Goodbox is designed to facilitate ‘ultimate donor engagement’ by offering a simple solution to hassle free, one off donations. Dipple and Conway are not only participating in the first roll out of the programme, but they are very generously covering ALL the charges for the monthly upkeep of the device. This actually means that 100% of all donations are going straight to The Benjamin Foundation, helping them do incredible things for the young people of our community who need our support. If the donation point gets a good amount of attention from the public, then Dipple and Conway have shown an interest in rolling out the initiative across all three of their opticians. Nice one Dipple!

Our contribution

And of course, we couldn’t help but lend a helping hand in the collaboration. Our designer, Stephen, created a bespoke vinyl that attaches to the device in keeping with the branding for both Dipple & Conway and The Benjamin Foundation. We love any opportunity to add a little funky into your monkey! Wanna see? Take a look:

Where can you find it?

Dipple and Conway are a high end, family owned opticians based in Norfolk. Their main store is based on Castle Street in Norwich City centre, but also offer their executive services in Swaffham and Diss. Being the biggest, and most established branch, the Tap and Donate point has been erected in the Castle Street store in the heart of Norwich. So if you’re passing through, why not pop your head in and have a look. And while you’re there why not give it a tap too!

A word from The Benjamin Foundation:

‘’We’d like to thank Matthew and Emma Conway for their open mindedness and generosity over the past couple of years. We would also like to extend our gratitude to digital marketing agency Nu Image for designing such a beautiful vinyl and for progressing such a smooth and natural relationship with Dipple and Conway. Nu Image participated in the Norwich Sleep Out last year and will be joining us again this November in bigger numbers! We look forward to working with both businesses in the future, and are eager to see what exciting things we can achieve together in the coming years.’’

Bringing Hope, Opportunity…

At Nu Image we really enjoy getting involved with local charities and we have especially loved working with The Benjamin Foundation over the past couple of years. If you don’t know much about the work they do, then here’s a little insight.

The Charity has been running now for over 25 years and the work they do truly reflects the genuine love for the future of our community. The charity was originally founded in 1994 after a tragic accident left Richard and Vanessa Draper without a son. Their son was called Benjamin. The charity went from strength to strength offering well being services to local children and young people who were at risk of homelessness. Presently the charity accommodates around 180 vulnerable young people every night across Norfolk and Suffolk. If you think about it, that’s over 50,000 safe nights a year. That really is heartwarming, and their efforts never cease to amaze us. Their main aim is to bring safety, stability and independence to young people experiencing challenges in our local communities. If you would like to learn more about them or find out how you can donate, or support their efforts, check out their website… A re-skin of their website was actually the original helping hand we provided back in 2020! Check it out.

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