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Protect your website with our rock solid security package

12th February 2017

 Cyber attacks are on the increase

The most recent large scale attack on websites has been reported this weekend with the BBC reporting that more than 1.5 million pages on WordPress blogs were defaced. The hackers were also thought to be trying to take control of sites, rather than just spoil pages.

These attacks mark an upturn in cyber attacks in recent times. The chief executive of the Nation Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) reported to the Sunday Times that Britain’s security has been threatened by 188 high level cyber attacks just in the last three months.

Perhaps not such a big target as the Government, but no less destructive to the owners, the main targets are websites built through Drupal, WordPress or Magento. Any security weaknesses on these sites can leave the website prone to spam content, data theft or extremely high server requests that will slow the site speed.

Why do I need to protect my website?

A cyber attack can cause absolute chaos to those using a website to run their business, with downtime impacting on your profitability and potentially your clients’ perception of you.

As a digital agency, responsible for the hosting of many websites, we have noticed a large increase in both attempted and successful website attacks and malicious code injections over the past few months.

We have now had multiple cases where unattended WordPress websites have been attacked and compromised, all to varying degrees. The attacks range from spambots sending huge amounts of requests to crash the server and take the website down, through to injected spam content and embedded viruses, which can affect visitors to your website.

Whilst our in-house developers are very skilled (although don’t tell them we said that) and can often track and fix the issue, it can take a very long time to put right, which ends up being costly to your business and leading to extensive downtime.

A very serious attack could potentially corrupt the site beyond repair or cause customer data to be stolen.

Introducing Nu Secure, our WordPress security package

We have created a security package, Nu Secure, which we are offering to all of our WordPress customers, which gives you peace of mind and protects you and your customers from attack.

As mentioned above, the WordPress sites that were attacked last week had a known security vulnerability, which was reported to all webmasters.

As a result, we ensured that any sites protected by our security scheme were updated swiftly to the new patched version. Despite a huge cyber attack, we have had no issues with our sites.

Why choose Nu Secure?

WordPress has multiple updates every month to ensure security is optimised and to patch known security weaknesses, with a few large updates rolled out every year.

The large updates can affect the way the website functions, so they have to be completed manually, and tested to ensure no functionality has been removed.

WordPress remains secure so long as the server is calibrated correctly and the version of WordPress is kept up to date, however an unattended WordPress site is left vulnerable to attack.

We aim to keep ahead of the game when it comes to protecting your site, meaning in the majority of cases we will have stopped the attack before it impacts in a noticeable way on your site, and business.

The Nu Secure package includes:

  • Daily backups of site database holding site content, customer data and order information
  • Full monthly backups with all site files and databases downloaded, dated and archived
  • All WordPress updates installed and tested as and when they happen. This includes Woocommerce and other plugins, to ensure all vulnerabilities are closed off
  • Additional WordPress security plugin and FTP locking to prevent attacks
  • Server usage tracking to monitor and alert if there is any unusual activity or high server usage
  • Insurance* means any restorations or recovery costs would be covered free of charge.

Monthly prices start from just £55+vat for simple WordPress sites and from £75+vat for larger sites that run with Woocommerce or integrations such as Yachtworld or Rightmove, including all required software and online and offline storage of backup archives free of charge.

*Whilst we will do our utmost to get you up and running again as quickly as possible, should the worst happen, please note that Nu Secure does not provide insurance to cover any loss of business or revenue that results due to a cyber attack or website downtime.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call and ask to speak to one of our developers, or drop us an email to

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