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Why do I need brand guidelines? 

21st August 2017

Whether you are on the cusp of launching a new start-up or have an established business, the importance of clear brand guidelines shouldn’t be over looked. Your brand is the basis from which you build your business, it should not be an after thought – rather the foundations of your marketing strategy. If you already have an established business but your branding is missing the mark, it’s not too late to take a step back and get your brand guidelines in place, to prevent further damage to your companies image.

What are brand guidelines?

Basically your brand guidelines are the instructions that will ensure your brand remains consistent and well represented across all mediums of promotion, your signage and your website. The detail of every element of your brands usage and logo design will be noted, to enable consistency in reproduction. If your logo needs to be redrawn, or you entrust a company to produce your signage – even the slightest change in your logos layout, colour or spacing can alter your brand. If the logo is redrawn or reproduced multiple times, those small changes accumulate. In no time at all you are left with a logo that can be a mile away from your original design.

In a similar way, if you do not stick to the correct colours and fonts when advertising, your customers will struggle to recognise your brands identity and your brands strength is lessened.

As a full service agency, we can provide your businesses brand guidelines along with your marketing strategy. We will leave no stone unturned, so no matter who you hand them over to in the future, you can rest assured that they will know exactly what is expected of them when it comes to using your brand.

5 elements to consider when creating guidelines for your brand

Overview of the company and company ethos
Include some information regarding the overall desired perception of the brand, the target audience and platforms it will be promoted from.

Colour references and usage of colour

This will include what colours can be used within your advertising and branding and which cannot.

Logo usage and brand application
Consider how your logo should be used within your printed materials and online. What size the logo will be in relation to the rest of the campaign or page. This should also include rules such as the logo should not be stretched, have spacing changed or any other amendments, no matter how minor.

The usage across your brand of the correct fonts is critical to how your brand is represented. Full brand guidelines will not just include the font for your logo but also which typefaces should be used across the rest of your marketing/signage etc,

Brand elements and images
Elements such as price flashes, promotional material and strap-lines should all be detailed to ensure your brand remains consistent. The style of photography, stock images and graphics should be decided on, so they tie in effectively with the branding you are portraying.

In need of help with your brand guidelines or logo design? 

If your branding requires freshening up or you are a startup looking for a graphic designer, what are you waiting for? Give our creatives a call, we would love to be a part of shaping your brand and importantly, making sure you stand out from your competitors.01603 859007.

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