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Choosing a new marketing partner

15th November 2022

So the time is now, you are on the lookout for a new website or a digital marketing partner.

Navigating your way through the world of website quotations can be a daunting process. So how do you get started?

1. Create a list of your requirements
It doesn’t need to be an all singing all dancing brief but it does need to outline your ‘must haves’, examples of websites you like and what your conversion/sales goals are. The more information you can provide at this stage the better.

2. Ensure you feel listened to
Be sure to find an agency that listens to your requirements, asks plenty of questions and challenges you a little. Websites are not one size fits all, and quotations shouldn’t be either.   

3. Do you own research
Once you have narrowed down your choices of web agency, do your own research. Check their reviews and previous work, any agency worth their salt will be happy to put you in touch with previous clients for a referral too.

What should you check before committing to a web build?

A website for your business is an investment towards your future marketing plans.
It is the foundation that will drive sales and showcase your offering. It isn’t simply there to look pretty, rather it needs to really pull its weight for you.

We understand that budget is a huge factor when it comes to deciding who to purchase your new website from. And rightfully so. Any investment you make towards your digital marketing has to fit with the long term goals of your business. However if your website does not meet the below markers, you may be better off putting your new site on hold for a while and exploring other marketing avenues in the short term, reducing your specification in order to bring it in line with your budget or considering an instalment plan – rather than being tempted to opt for a budget version over a website that performs. We are firm believers in, if you’re going to do something, don’t do it half baked.

  • It needs to be seen
    It can’t just look all fancy pants. A website must be capable of ranking in the SERPs in order to bring you those all important conversions. You wouldn’t put your glad rags on, and not show up to the party!
  • It needs to function across all devices
    No one sticks around a website that does not work or that takes an age to load on a mobile device. No one is going to trust the brand behind the glitchy website.
  • It needs to offer a good return on your investment
    A website is a tool to support your future growth. Your chosen agency should be able to show you projections and data to support your investment. Don’t leave it in the hands of wishy washy speculation and groundless promises. 
  • It needs to beat, or at least, deeply challenge your competitors
    Come on. It’s time to win, right?

Should you choose an industry specific marketing expert?

Marketing your business deserves a specialist right? You need someone that knows your industry inside out and who has experience in dealing with other companies just like yours.

Yes they know your industry like the back of their hand.
Yes they can do you a great “deal”.
Yes they can launch your new website in under 4 weeks. 

But, it’s a bad idea. Wait, what?

Budget websites = False economy 

Opting for an industry specialist may be an appealing prospect and, due to scale, they are typically able to offer a favourable initial cost. However this does tend to be a false economy.

In our experience the websites provided by industry specialists are self limiting. Instead of bespoke code, they instead utilise ready made templates in order to keep costs down (some even tell you porkies, and that they are crafted individually). These are then supplied to several other companies just like yours, with the colours and branding adapted to suit each business.

Whilst from the outset the offering looks similar to that of a reputable web agency, going forward, templated websites are much harder to market as they are not built with search engine optimisation in mind, are trickier to update and tend to date quickly. It may also mean that the styling of your site will match your competitors, meaning you won’t stand out from the crowd. 

What do we mean by SEO and digital marketing limitations? 

All websites should be built with SEO and digital marketing in mind. We are seeing it more and more that onsite SEO is being treated as an ‘optional extra’ within a web-build. This should never be the case. Forward thinking about your marketing plan after your web launch is essential, and having the right foundations for SEO from the outset will impact heavily on your website’s ability to perform. 

Some “industry specialists” are taking the templated approach even further, using web companies such as Go Daddy and Wix, to create sites on your behalf using automated processes and selling them as their own. This is a recipe for disaster as your site is often owned by these “web builders” giving you little control over changes. These sites cannot be effectively marketed using SEO techniques, so if you have one of these sites and want to get noticed, you best get the sandwich board out and start banging your drum.

Oh, and don’t get us started on “I have a mate that can do that”.

Just to be clear, your reputable agency doesn’t have to be us (although we are a sublime choice). There are plenty of great local agencies out there, so don’t settle.  

Why our no-conflict promise matters

Aside from the web build itself, the other factor to consider is who else will be benefiting from your “industry specialists” knowledge. Once your site has launched,  do you really want to be sharing marketing tips and data with your competitors? And can you really trust an agency that is promising everyone the top spot in the SERPS when in reality, only one can win? 

Our approach is a little different, and a little more boutique. When you sign up for SEO with us, you will be allocated a dedicated account handler from within our digital marketing team.

Whichever of the team you are connected with, the goal will be the same. To get you to the top of the Google rankings (and to learn your favourite type of biscuit).

So, that’s why when you sign up with us, we guarantee that we won’t work alongside another company that is working towards the same goal as you. After all, there is only one number one spot and it has your name on it, right?

Why digital marketing with us works;

Our digital marketing plans are successful for a few reasons;

  • We have over 15 years of experience in the world of digital marketing 
  • We take the time to understand you business and the challenges you are facing
  • Our approach is proven to work across all industries
  • Every site we build is created with SEO in mind
  • We NEVER share your data or your industry insights with your competitors
  • Each one of our packages is tailored to you, your budget and your goals 
  • We stay curious, meaning we are never complacent about our work 
  • We don’t tie you into a long term contract, meaning we won’t take you for granted. 

Our collaborative approach to your marketing will guarantee digital marketing success.

We’ve recently had the honour of new clients AFS Supplies and Dust Masks Direct joining us at the start of their digital marketing journey, will you be next?

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