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A New Place to Call Home

20th September 2022

You heard it here first, we’ve moved studio… Finally! To the excitement (and relief) of the entire team, as of Monday 12th September we introduced the team to our new city studio. For those of you who have visited our studio before, you may be surprised by the relocation to the city centre from our quiet, secluded corner of Witton. So, why the move you ask?

Started from the bottom

The journey started way back when our very own Creative Director, Ian, began his career as a freelance graphic designer in his spare bedroom. Ian would work his genius to create logos and print marketing for businesses in and around Norwich. As the world became more digital, Ian felt it was only right to expand into web design but he needed an extra pair of hands to bring these designs to life. Introducing our first web developer, this decision paved the way for the team that makes us the creative agency we are today.

Sticking to our humble roots

Soon after Ian recruited his first web developer, they outgrew the spare bedroom and required more space. Moving from Stalham to a bungalow in Lingwood, the spare bedroom was traded in for a shed. It was at this point that Ian wanted to focus on growing as a company in order to help as many small local businesses as possible. Setting down his colouring pencils, Ian made the decision to recruit a designer and a digital marketer to curate a more well-rounded, skilled team that could help him. And, boy, did it pay off!

Over the next five years, the team worked to build a loyal clientele, largely made up of established and respected Norfolk based businesses. As the list of clients grew, so did the team.

The next leg of the journey

In 2015, Ian and Nicole (Operations-Director and wearer of all hats; HR, Head of Development, Social Media Coordinator, wife, mother, you name it, she does it!) moved to Witton where they had a dedicated professional space for Nu Image. During our time here, the team grew from a circle of four to seventeen. Turning us into a full service in-house agency; web design and development, graphic design, SEO, digital marketing, Google Ads, and paid and organic social media management. This outstanding growth enabled us to help many businesses, no matter what marketing help they required, and no longer contained within the parameters of East Anglia!

Now we’re here

This continued growth has led us to this next chapter in our story in the shape of our new city centre studio. After 15 years, Ian and Nicole felt it was time to reclaim their garden as their own and have provided the foundations of a new, elevated stage in the Nu Image journey.

It’s safe to say that the move has been a long time coming (almost 7 months to be precise, not that we were counting!) and after a few bumps in the road, we managed to navigate our way safely from country lanes to bustling city streets with the help of Ian, Nicole and our very own Studio Assistant Jess. The move wouldn’t have been possible without their hard work, persistence and dedication to provide us with a home from home. (Not to mention Nicoles ace interior design skills… there’s another hat to add to the list!) Whilst we’re here, we’d also like to take the opportunity to say a massive thanks to some of our clients for their much appreciated help along the way: 

PSH Environmental:

Now, we may be a little biased, but PSH Environmental is our absolute go to for skip hire. It’s amazing (and slightly shocking) how much we’ve managed to hoard over the last 15 years, therefore we took the move as an opportunity for a huge clear out.

On our last day in the studio, the team came together to declutter and start fresh. Combining that junk with what we stripped out of the new studio, it didn’t take us long to fill our hire skip, ready to be collected again. Using PSH Environmental provides us with peace of mind that our waste is being disposed of safely and in a way that will have minimal impact on our planet. We were also excited to contribute to the big Clean Up To Green Up campaign that PSH have been working on where one pound of every order goes towards revitalising the forest at Foxley Woods. We helped integrate the functionality to collect one pound from every order and total this up via a widget on the website, so it was great to help get behind the cause from the other side.

Office Furniture Scene:

We’ve been sitting comfortably and ergonomically in chairs from Office Furniture Scene for as long as we can remember. As we have grown, we’ve needed more chairs to keep everybody safe and comfortable.

This time we went for Orangebox Do chairs, compared to the previous Orangebox Eva chairs. Both are immaculate and impressive. In our line of work, we spend up to 9 hours a day sitting down (we know, it’s a hard life), therefore it is imperative that we provide chairs that are adjustable to support everyone’s posture whilst at work. Office Furniture Scene is the only choice for us when it comes to finding an ergonomic chair.


All of our wifi and telephone needs were sorted seamlessly by ITSFibre. They set up our old studio, so it was a no-brainer to call on their expertise for our new studio too. When we made the transition to ITSFibre, our speeds improved massively, and when we have multiple devices on the go all day, finding a broadband provider who can cope with our magnitude of technology is an absolute necessity. ITSFibre were with us the whole way.

We even upgraded our internal phone systems with ITSFibre which enables us to have a smooth running, efficient phone set up across all departments. It’s fair to say that Jess’ day to day has been made that much easier!

Trott Rentals:

The most important thing you need when moving? A moving van.

As we had a pretty last minute moving date, we knew we could always rely on trusty Trott Rentals for van hire. The van was ready before the expected pick up time and the process to pick it up was quick and easy. Once we were finished we dropped off the van and that was it, a hassle free hiring experience. Just what we needed after the last few months of chaos.

CIM Signs & Graphics:

Although these guys aren’t clients of ours, we wanted to give them a big shout out anyway because we’re blown away with their work. You could say we are very particular when it comes to our interior, it’s become a force of habit when you have a creative team. It’s safe to say the team’s reaction mirrored our enthusiasm when they walked in for the first time last Monday. Reactions like these are why we recommend them for all signage enquiries to clients.

Seeing the team’s reaction to their new place of work made all the hard work worth it. We’ve not been in for long but it already feels like home, exactly what we were hoping for.

Feeling nosey? You’re more than welcome to pop by and we’d love to show you around! We’re located at 65a Thorpe Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 1UD – just before you start heading towards the train station and the Norwich City football stadium. We extremely excited to share our new space with you and to finally have a space where we can host clients again, but you best be quick if you want a biscuit, the tin doesn’t stay full for long once our team get their hands on them! 

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