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A Journey to Nu image and SEO

4th January 2023

First and foremost, hello! I’m Erin and I’m a Digital Marketing Executive at Nu Image. We’re currently on the hunt for a couple of fellow digital marketers to join the force, so it seemed like a convenient time to talk about my role at Nu Image, how I got here and why you should join the team.

Let’s start from the beginning…

Since I can remember, I’ve absolutely loved organising and planning everything… from my birthday party to helping my family host a christmas party – I was all over it. So, baby Erin aspired one day to become an event planner, and that stayed as my goal all throughout my school years. As we all know, the chances of still wanting to pursue your childhood dream career is very rare, and as I went through school, I started finding myself drawn to graphic design and also developed a strong interest in coding and decided to study computer science at GCSE level – making me the first female in my school to get a qualification in it! 

Fast forward a couple of years and it was A-Level time. By this time, my mind was becoming slightly more open to other career paths, so I decided to keep my options open and studied English Language, Media Studies and Business Studies. It was during this time where I was ready to put the text books down and get on the career ladder.

I had an opportunity to sink my marketing teeth into an entry level marketing position at a car dealership. Here I could dip my toes in the many different pools of marketing activities, both online and offline. Whilst I had great fun creating social media content and helping organise events, I surprisingly found myself itching to go down the digital side of things, so started as a Marketing Assistant at a large, multinational digital content company. 

Whilst the phrase, “Thrown into the deep end,” comes to mind when reflecting on this experience, it was the perfect opportunity to wear many hats, and figure out what I’m truly passionate about. 

I was familiar with ‘apprenticeships’ but, really, I had very little knowledge of what they actually entailed or of the value of them. At career days in school, apprenticeships were mainly pushed at people that didn’t want to continue their education with A-levels or at students that wanted to pursue a trade. Oh how wrong this is, but that’s a conversation for another day. I was incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to enrol onto a level 4 marketing apprenticeship, which not only let me earn money whilst learning, but it gave me first hand experience of working as part of a team and exposure to studio life. Once the apprenticeship was complete, I qualified with a distinction and was ready for my next challenge…

Cue Nu Image

After a couple of interviews and assessment tasks, I was offered the role as Digital Marketing Executive at Nu Image. Buzzin! What I didn’t realise, is that I wasn’t just taking on a new and exciting challenge in my career, I was joining a team of amazingly talented marketers, developers, designers and ‘SEO-ers’ as my manager called us the other day. They are all incredibly supportive and encouraging. In the first couple of weeks, Sorry Emily, I quickly realised how little I knew about SEO and how wrong my previous understanding of it was, but after completing the inhouse training along with the help and support from my colleagues, I was ready for the challenge to delve deeper into the SEO world.

9 months in, and I’m leading report meetings for my own clients and dedicated accounts, analysing data and writing content for industries I’d never even knew existed! I may be a little biassed, but digital marketing is such an exciting and ever-growing industry, which makes it perfect for anyone that loves the digital world and working as part of a team of talented individuals to create some pretty special digital experiences.

If you’re on the hunt for a new challenge and want to join a team of digital sorcerers, we’ve got some very exciting opportunities coming up as we continue to grow and expand. It’s getting pretty exciting over here. Head to Indeed to find out more about our recent job listings, or give us a call! We’re always happy to have a chat.

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