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Marketing. You shouldn’t do it all.

17th July 2023

Struggling to get the right type of enquiries or just not growing at the rate you had projected? Digital marketing is likely to be the boost you need, but hold up before you sign on for a full suite of SEO services, social media management and paid advertising campaigns all at once. 

Whilst digital marketing does work for all businesses, you should be aware that not all digital marketing approaches work for all businesses. It’s fair to say, the options can be overwhelming.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re pinching the bridge of your nose, inhaling your fifth cup of coffee, and feeling rather flustered with the task of navigating which type of digital marketing your business should be doing. 

Ironically, turning to Google and social media for the answer is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, and you’re left thinking what should I care about and what is actually a load of old tosh?

Well, we’ve got you covered. We sat down with our Head of Digital, Emily, to find out her top 5 tips for any business owner/director/marketing manager/person that should be doing something else but has been appointed with the task of elevating your online presence (that’s right, “my job turned me into a caffeine addict”, we’re looking at you).

5 absolute MUSTs to set yourself up for online success

1. Get to know your customer

Choice paralysis is a common reaction when it comes to digital marketing strategies, but it does well to remember that your reason for doing digital marketing in the first place is always to get you in front of more of your potential customers. So, fully understanding your customers should always be your starting point. Let’s first ask, who are your customers? 

If your answer to the first question is everyone, this will undoubtedly be the culprit for why you’re feeling overwhelmed as you need to narrow the field.

Really think about who needs your product or service, and focus on that group of people alone. (If you’re unsure where to start with discovering who your customer is, follow this guide.) This will make the second question much easier to answer, which is, where can you find them online?

Once you’ve got a clear answer, you’ve completed step one in the process of narrowing down options for your best starting point.

2. Set your goals

I know this can sound like a total cliche in the world of business, but there’s a reason why this is every marketer’s starting point. And it makes sense really. How can you make a decision on how to market to your customers without knowing what you’re hoping to achieve by doing so? 

Again, aim to be specific with your goals. More revenue is going to be the driving force for a lot of growing businesses, and that’s great, but picture it this way, with help from my buddy John:

John runs an electrical company who can provide their services for both commercial and domestic properties. Whilst there is more demand for residential electricians, these jobs often end up being a hassle to quote and messy to organise, plus he pays a premium for the staff member on call. Whereas, commercial contracts have less demand but are large rolling contracts that offer financial security and higher profit margins.

Now, with this in mind, it’s no surprise that John has set a goal of acquiring more commercial electrical contracts, which will in turn result in more revenue, and hopefully a better work-life balance for him too! Sharing information like this with your digital marketing team is key in ensuring you see a return on your investment, and any digital marketer worth their salt will want to ensure that too.

The last step is to set a deadline for when this needs to be achieved, taking into account that this needs to be realistic, in order for it to be achievable. 

3. Focus on one thing at a time

If you hadn’t guessed already, the running theme is choice overload. When there’s such a vast amount of choice, either you don’t know where to start or you attempt to try it all and fail miserably. Aside from wasting your time, it is likely going to cost you a fortune too! The purpose of establishing where your customers are and what your goals are, is to help narrow down your choices. 

At this stage, I would always recommend getting someone with digital marketing experience involved (it doesn’t have to be us!).  Based on your answers, a digital marketer will be able to help advise which channel works best in getting you in front of prospective customers and achieving your set goal, aiming to nail the areas that will have the biggest impact first.

I have had to take the wind out of a few sails, when a new client has wanted to start SEO because their competitors are doing it, but if it isn’t likely to offer you a clear return, it isn’t worth the chase.  Try not to be discouraged,  if they advise you to focus on one channel, such as PPC or social ads, before dipping your toes into other areas. Slow and steady wins the race.

Return on investment (ROI) and value for money is at the forefront of everything we suggest here at Nu Image. Working primarily with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and lovely local businesses often means we’ll begin with a smaller digital marketing strategy that is scalable over time, but most importantly, is sustainable for our clients.

4. Learn when to say no

Finding a friendly face with a wealth of digital marketing experience behind them can bring even more difficult decisions to the table. I always recommend that you should find a specialist who feels like an extension of your business. 

What I mean by that is someone who takes the time to understand your business, what you offer, who your customers are and believes in what you’re selling. This is the person you’re trusting to market you as the creme de la creme in your industry at the end of the day. They have to back you. 

If a specialist has done their job properly, they should be in a good position to propose your next steps, even if this means they end up advising against the digital marketing method you initially enquired about.

To avoid being sold a digital strategy that doesn’t work for your business, always request to see the findings and research carried out to determine which marketing channel is best for you. For example, if your chosen team can’t show you how many people are searching for your product or service, the intent behind those searches and where you currently rank in your target location to confirm it will bring a return, then you should say no to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 

You also need to make sure that spend and return stack up. Whilst you will know how much a job or sale is worth to your business, calculating whether investing in digital marketing will bring a return is something you might not be fully comfortable with. My team have the tools in-house to be able to calculate and present this to you*, providing you with the much needed confidence to make a decision.

*Sales forecasting and return on investment falls under our business consultancy model, let our team know if this is something you would be interested in and we can provide you with a quote.

5. Audit your website before sending more traffic to it

For any digital marketing strategy, the linchpin is the website. You wouldn’t keep filling a bucket with water if it has holes in it, so PLEASE stop sending traffic to a website that can’t guide users to their end point. They will just end up frustrated to the point of no return, and certainly won’t convert to a customer. 

Capturing more traffic to your site is just one element, the key piece of the puzzle (and the one often overlooked) is to ensure the site is user friendly and can convert easily. This is the essential part that will bring a financial return.

We offer a free digital marketing audit which will identify what is holding your site back. If you’re interested in trying it for size, click the red button at the bottom of this page to get started.

The sooner you realise you don’t have to do it all, the better. You want a digital marketing strategy that feels natural and makes you question why you didn’t do this sooner, not another headache. 

We hope Emily’s top 5 tips to get started feel like they’ve taken a weight off your chest and you can breathe a bit easier now you have clarity about what to focus on first. If you’d like to discuss your business and goals with a member of our team, get in touch on 01603 859007 or answer the questions in our form below. You can even try our live chat if you are feeling fancy.

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