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Unlocking a New Single Page Website for City Locks

17th July 2018

We’ve spent the last couple of years working hard on City Locks’ SEO to help them climb to the number one position for all their chosen Google searches, such as emergency locksmiths, and we’ve succeeded with flying colours. From that point, it’s all been about maintaining these positions on their behalf.

We’ve worked together with City Locks to decide what their next big step should be and have concluded that a brand-new single page website would be the best way to progress their presence in the online world.

Single page websites are perfect for companies such as City Locks because:

  • It creates the perfect layout for websites that only share a small amount of information with their users. For example, the main reason most users will visit City Locks’ website is to find their phone number to contact them in an emergency or for lock replacements. Therefore, we have consolidated most of the information from the previous website onto one page on the new website, as most users will land on and only view the homepage.
  • Due to a high number of users using the website to find the emergency telephone number, the website needed to be an easy and enjoyable experience for mobile users. One-page websites are the best way to do this as the user can simply scroll through the website without struggling to click on small links or buttons to navigate around the site and find the information they need.
  • By designing a one-page website, our web designers were able to get creative with the user experience on this site. Within the navigation bar, when a user clicks on a specific section that they need, the site will automatically scroll down the page to that section. Our designers have also upgraded the icons and imagery throughout the site to make it more visually appealing.

This complete refresh has resulted in a contemporary and user-friendly website that performs brilliantly across all platforms compared to the previous outdated version of the website.

If you think a one-page website is the best direction for your company to take, or you would like some professional advice, contact us on 01603 859007 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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