Time Flies in a Marketing Agency

1st July 2017

Filling Our Time with Exciting and Unique Projects

At Nu Image, we pride ourselves in suggesting exclusive and innovative ideas to make our clients stand out from competitors.

As such, there is never a quiet day in the office as we’re constantly developing and adapting to keep up with the ever-changing digital industry and we’re always on the lookout for a new challenge for our web designers. Norwich based luxury watch repair company Michlmayr & Co provided just what we were looking for, in the form of their homepage showpiece; a moving watch that tells the real time and date.

It was an ambitious and intricate job for our skilled developers; however, we were determined to succeed. The project involved complex code to ensure the watch followed and updated alongside the real-world time and date. The animated timepiece is a true reflection of the quality and precision that makes Michlmayr & Co such a respected watch repair and restoration centre.

This was one of our biggest projects to date (no pun intended!), and one that we are massively proud of. Michlmayr & Co. were immensely happy with the outcome, and to showcase such an ingenious design on their website which reflects their highly-skilled company.

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