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Positive Business Outcomes During These Times

1st July 2020

It is no secret that the past few months have been a rollercoaster ride for many businesses, their owners and employees.  For most, living through these unprecedented circumstances has proven challenging to say the least.

There are, however, a number of businesses that have found their products or services in huge demand throughout these turbulent weeks, sometimes to the point that the only thing holding back record sales has been supply shortages.   

For example, our client Meltemi are official NHS suppliers and providers of healthcare uniforms and scrubs, have inevitably seen the demand for their products soar over the last three months. Their main obstacle has not been sales, rather than the challenge of keeping up with orders! We are happy to report that the team at Meltemi have worked their socks off to ensure that the needs of the UK’s keyworkers services were met throughout the pandemic.

Likewise, there have been some inspirational innovations made by small, medium and large businesses alike to continue running throughout these difficult times, adapting rapidly to the “new normal’ we face.

Some of the most striking changes have been those implemented by independent restaurants and bars by evolving the way in which they reach and serve their customers. Whether that means offering a home delivery or kerbside collection service or innovating make-your-own kits and hampers. This enabled companies to continue to supply their products during these tough times and allowed customers enjoy the same good food, drinks and joy albeit from the comfort of their own home.

As ever, independent Norfolk businesses have not shied away from the challenge, and a new wave of enthusiasm for ecommerce websites has roused small businesses to take the step towards online takeaway, creating apps or updating their website to allow for online orders. Our client Waveney River centre have started offering onsite booking for food and camping supplies, from their Norfolk Holiday Park on the Southern Broads to help support social distancing. With a number of businesses following in their footsteps, the new ideas of how else the business can be pushed outside the four walls of their premises and comfort zone is endless. The owners of restaurant Farmyard, based on Norwich’s St Benedicts Street started a petition, asking Norwich City Council to support a temporary three month pedestrianisation – enabling them to throw open their doors and serve customers in the street. It was a success! The petition has gained nearly 3500 signatures to date, and was granted the nod from the powers that be.

By the same token, local produce shops have experienced a fresh wave of interest throughout the last three months. Those supplying local food, including farm shops, butchers, grocers, fishmongers and convenience stores to name a few have not only flourished, but supported those living nearby. There has been a real sense of camaraderie within the local communities as a result of seeing these businesses thrive and acquire more local awareness.

Here at Nu Image, we set out to support businesses to take the step towards operating online during this difficult time.

Towards the beginning of the pandemic, we developed a simple ecommerce website that could be used by those looking to adapt to collection services, free of charge.  Amongst those to utilise the mini-site we offered were Norwich market stall occupiers and tasty sweet treat supplier, Cuppie Hut. Like many others, Cuppie Hut had to close their shutters when the situation was unknown. With so much uncertainty of when they would reopen, Cuppie Hut took the leap and trusted us with building their website, allowing us to create an online shop promptly to provide customers (and us!) with delicious cakes and brownies and to allow the business to continue doing what they love.

Since the website launched, the company have happily gained plenty of online presence and importantly orders, enabling them to carry on and create great business structure for the long run.

Indeed, an online shop may not be something you feel will fit with your existing business but whatever is next for the world of business, now is the time to jump into the ‘new normal’.

If your strategy needs re-energising call us on 01603 859007 or use our contact form below.

As an independent business ourselves, we would love to support your growth.  

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