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Molly’s Mind – A Day in the Life

24th May 2022

My day starts at 8am, unfortunately I’m not a part of the hot brew club but this does mean one less tea round for my colleagues! I start off with checking my emails and Slack messages, then I get to work writing a to-do list for the day ahead. Planning my day out really helps me prioritise tasks and create a schedule, so I can stay on top of Scoro enteries. 

First up is some training to get me into the SEO zone. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, WebCEO and keyword optimisation are just some of the areas to mention. I love learning about all the different aspects of SEO and how this contributes to the website’s rankings in the Search Engine Results Page. Or, SERPS as the lingo goes. Google is constantly changing and altering its algorithm so it’s important to keep yourself in-the-know, as you don’t want to be left behind when it comes to the world of digital marketing. 

Molly on her Ipad

As a trainee a large part of my day consists of training but also putting this training into practice by helping my colleagues out with work for their clients. It’s always great to help where you can. Blog writing is certainly something I’ve been helping out with and is probably one of my favourite aspects of digital marketing. There’s no better feeling than coming up with an idea and turning it into an engaging and SEO friendly blog that people will find useful and entertaining. 

Another area of marketing I’ve dived into is backlinks. There’s not a day that goes by where backlinks, domain authority and trust flow scores aren’t on my mind. I’m always on the hunt for backlink opportunities and of course the backlink dance is obligatory when one goes live! (You can blame Phoebe for this.)   

It’s been great to immerse myself into the digital marketing world and the team at Nu Image have been so supportive and welcoming. Eventually my responsibilities will ramp up once I complete all the modules and transition to a Digital Marketing Exec taking on my own clients, which I’m very excited for. Until then, I plan to continue to help where I can and, like a sponge, try to soak up as much marketing information as I possibly can! 

Thank you Molly! Soon Molly will be a fully trained, fully fledged Digital Marketing Exec on our team and will be able to use her new found knowledge to help your website rank at the top of Google. Need a hand with your digital marketing strategy? Fill out our contact form with your goals and objectives, and a member of our team will be in touch with how we can help. (P.s you can find our form in the bottom right corner of our website!)

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