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Norfolk Holiday Properties Website

Norfolk Holiday Properties have been promoting self-catering homes and property management services for over 10 years. Being based in Norfolk themselves, they’ve got the expert knowledge needed to handpick perfect accommodation for each traditional Norfolk getaway.

Norfolk Holiday Properties office

Ticking the box for trusted advice and comprehensive holiday homes, the only box left to tick was a hassle-free booking platform to provide the full package. For us, the main focus was a user-friendly booking process available at the very start and consistently throughout a customer’s journey on the site. By highlighting the availability calendar and making this a prominent feature throughout the design, the user can always get to the final point of conversion.

On the property detail pages, we wanted to enrich the user experience by providing clarity about each holiday home’s winning features to make the booking an easy decision for the customer. We accomplished this by including prominent icons highlight key selling points, a lightbox gallery, clear pricing information, and clear page hierarchy. Increasing the level of accessibility makes this an intuitive website for all users, and on all devices.

Reinforcing the brand identity for Norfolk Holiday Properties was also a priority in order to increase trust and credibility as an online marketplace for Norfolk Holiday Homes. We opted to use the iconic green generously throughout the site, recognisable imagery of Norfolk, and the illustrated ‘N’ as a space separator and highlight throughout.

Take a wander over to their new site for a browse, and let us know what you think. Heed our advice though, when we say you may just exit the site with a spontaneous trip to Norfolk booked!

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