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The Tiny Tipple bottles

Tiny Tipple website

Locally Crafted Website

The Tiny Tipple Company are well known in the Norfolk/Suffolk area for their truly delicious Tipples. Owners Amanda and Karen wanted an Ecommerce website which showcased their lovingly and locally made Tipples, was easy to use and looked great. They came to us to help them achieve this and we loved every minute of this project.

The Tiny Tipple liqueur closeup

Getting straight to work, our design team began incorporating animated aspects of their branding as you scroll through the website, meaning the user feels more engaged. The sticky header at the top of the page is not only there for usability, but the logo resizes as you scroll which really ties the website together.

We added filter functions on the shop, to make sure the user can easily find what they’re looking for, and incorporated Google Maps with the functionality to pinpoint where each of their stockists are situated throughout the counties. This is a great feature if your favourite Tipple is sold out on the website!

Why not check out The Tiny Tipple Company’s new website and let us know what you think? Meanwhile we think we might go have a tipple ourselves!

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