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Turn it Tropical Website, branding & logo

Lean, green sales machine

Calling all plant lovers, we were recently approached by Turn it Tropical to redesign their Ecommerce site. Turn it Tropical specialise in the growing and selling of rare and unusual tropical plants, and they wanted a completely fresh look, with a new logo, branding and website to match.

Turn it Tropical mobile site

Turn it Tropical wanted to emphasise the own-grown aspect, “From Sprout to Finish” encompassed their love of growing their own plants to ensure that they sell only the best quality possible. Alongside a new logo design , we completed SEO copywriting throughout the website to set them out on the best start possible for their new site!

Our design team incorporated various leaves throughout the website page, tying the branding together in the process. The plants in the banner change depending on the product category, and the un-potted aspect was to showcase the fact that Turn it Tropical sells so much more than just houseplants.

Our development team needed to ensure that the ability to subscribe to certain products was in place, to notify people when they’re back in stock. Alongside various other development challenges along the way, we think the end result was definitely worth it! The project was such a fun one to work on, and we loved every aspect of it!

Take a look at the truly unusual tropical plants for sale at Turn it Tropical, everyone needs a new plant in their life after all!

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