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5 things you can find out from our free SEO audit

22nd April 2022

Free audit…whaaaat???

A free audit…surely not? Well you’re in luck, here at Nu Image with our free SEO audit there are no hidden fees attached, result! We offer a casual meeting with one of our creatives over a hot drink, during which we will discuss your targets alongside our findings and openly communicate what we believe the right path for your business is, in order to help your business grow.

So, what can you expect to find out from our free SEO audit? Read on to find out:

  1. How many people are searching for your product or service each month.

We will look into what people are searching for to find businesses like yours and generate a number of how many people are searching for it per month. This is essential to know when planning how best to market your services.

  1. How you compare to your benchmark competition.

Keep your enemies close right? We will look into how your competitors are doing and put together a report to show how you are performing compared to them… sneaky. 

  1. Where you currently appear when someone searches for your services.

This is the foundation of our research, helping us to see what strategy we can  implement for you to give the best ROI. As a business it’s beneficial to know how well you are currently ranking, as this can be a big deciding factor as to whether SEO is the best path for you. We want what’s best for your business (and your pocket) so even if we don’t think SEO is the right path we can guide you in the right direction with our other marketing services.

  1. Whether it is your website or your offsite reputation that is holding you back.

Digital marketing doesn’t just stop at SEO. We will carefully study your brand and website alongside your offsite presence to identify where the problem lies and help you fix it.

  1. How we have helped people like you grow their business and retained SEO clients for over 8 years.

Here at Nu Image we are proud of our client relationships and thrive on helping these businesses, well…thrive! Need proof? Our clients are all happy to provide references to show you how we have helped them on their SEO journey.

Well…why wouldn’t you?

You’ve come to us for a reason, now it is time to see how well your online and offline presence is! Contact our smashing team today on 01603 859007 to arrange your free audit.

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