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Franchise Supermarket Website Design

Making it easier than ever to view franchises for sale in the UK, our team got to work creating a fresh design for the Franchise Supermarket website.

24th Jun 2019

Inheriting Franchise Supermarket from another agency, our team of designers and developers got to work to making the site as user-friendly and high performing as possible. A platform which allows users to easily view and compare a variety of franchises for sale, it was crucial that the site had an intuitive navigation that makes it easy to explore all of the franchising options which are available across numerous industries.

Engineering the site for future SEO work, the team carefully refined the homepage and landing pages to make certain that everything is properly set up from a structural point of view. Always having one eye trained firmly on conversions, our team also made sure it was straight forward for users to request information and generate leads for the team of experts behind Franchise Supermarket.

From a visual perspective, our designers ensured that all branding is consistent across the site and all imagery reflects the character of the business. Each of the company’s social media channels also received new images to ensure that the business presents a cohesive identity online.

Following the redesign, our team of SEO experts are now hard at work to ensure that it can be easily found by potential clients. Carrying out a range of technical SEO and off-site work, the mission statement is very much to assist a forward-thinking business in what is an incredibly competitive industry.

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